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Science Society


Science club/ Society is a better forum for the students to realize their scientific aspiration and fulfill their quest in which they don't get opportunities within the syllabus framework. Activities are designed primarily to introduce students to undertake the concepts of science and technology The Science Club helps the students to explore the different branches of, science. The club is open to all students. The purpose of the Science Club is to promote interest, understanding, and knowledge of the scientific world amongst the college students and local community.

Science Club is one of the largest clubs in our College. Our club is divided into three sections: Physical and life Sciences. Our club would like to arouse scientific interest and temperament amongst the students hence promoting their academic achievement in Science subjects. It also aims at guiding the students to develop an independent, logical and creative mind. A variety of activities are organised every year by the club.

Aims and Objectives

  • To help students acquire basic knowledge of science to develop scientific way of learning.
  • To arouse and cultivate students interest in learning science.
  • To develop awareness of and concern for scientific issues in personal, social, environmental and technological contexts.
  • To encourage students to participate actively in the activities organized by the science club.
  • To make the students understand the values of time and to help them in the proper utilization to their hour.
  • To provide proper incentive and inspiration for the pursuit of scientific knowledge in rigorous way by broadening their scientific outlook.
  • To understand scientific knowledge through experiments.
  • To circulate scientific attitude and provide opportunities for training in scientific method.
  • To develop interest in scientific hobbies.

Activities of Science Club :-

  • Organizing lectures, debates, seminars, quizzes, JAM sessions, best from waste, one minute experiments.
  • Celebrating National Science Day and other important days related to different branches of science.
  • Preparing of charts, postures models etc.
  • Improving go green concept.
Sr. No. Year Title of the Event Download Link
1 2022-23 1. National Science Day
2. Chemistry Week
3. Water Testing
2 2021-22 1. National Science Day
2. Chemistry Week

3 2020-21 National Science Day
4 2019-20 National Science Day  Download
5 2018-19 National Science Day

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