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Government College Kullu (H.P.)

Co-Educational Institution, Affiliated to Sardar Patel University Mandi, Accreditted by NAAC Ministry of Education Govt. of India Grade B++

Department of Music

Name of the department : Music
Year of establishment : 1967
Name of the Program/Courses : UG
No. of the Teaching posts sanctioned : 3
No. of the Teaching posts filled : 3

Choice Based Credit System Music (Vocal/Instrumental)

Sr. No. Course Course Name Year Course Code Credit
1 Music Theory of Indian Music (General) 1 MUSA101TH MUSA101TH (IA) 3
2 Music Practical (Stage Performance) 1 MUSA102TH MUSA102TH (IA) 3
3 Music Theory of Indian Music General & Biographies 1 MUSA103TH MUSA103TH (IA) 3
4 Music Practical (Viva Voce) 1 MUSA104PR MUSA104PR (IA) 3
5 Music Ancient Granthas & contributions of Musicologists 2 MUSA201TH MUSA201TH (IA) 3
6 Music Practical (Stage Performance) 2 MUSA202PR MUSA202PR (IA) 3
7 Music Medieval Granthas & Contributions of Musicians 2 MUSA203TH MUSA203TH (IA) 3
8 Music Practical (Viva-Voce) 2 MUSA204PR MUSA204PR (IA) 3

Skill Enhancement Courses Offered by Music Department

Year Course Code Course Name Credit
2nd MUSA205PR SEC-1, SKILL ENHANCEMENT COURSE-1 Hindustani Music Presentation & Documentation-1 (Vocal/Inst) 4
2nd MUSA206PR SEC-2, SKILL ENHANCEMENT COURSE-2 Hindustani Music Presentation & Documentation-II (Vocal/Inst) 4
3rd MUSA301PR SEC-3, SKILL ENHANCEMENT COURSE-3 Hindustani Music Presentation & Documentation-III (Vocal/Inst) 4
3rd MUSA302PR SEC-4, SKILL ENHANCEMENT COURSE-4 Hindustani Music Presentation & Documentation-IV(Vocal/Inst) 4

Discipline Specific Elective Courses Offered by Music Department

Year Course Code Course Name Credit
3rd MUSA303TH DSE-1A (Unit-1) DISCIPLINE SPECIFIC ELECTIVE-1 Theory of Indian Music and Study of ancient Granths and Ragas Vocal/Inst 3
3rd MUSA304PR DSE-1A (Unit-2) DISCIPLINE SPECIFIC ELECTIVE-1 Practical, Hindustani Music (Vocal/Inst) 3
3rd MUSA305PR DSE-1B (Unit-1) DISCIPLINE SPECIFIC ELECTIVE-1 Theory of Indian Music and Ghrana Tradition Vocal/Inst 3
3rd MUSA306PR DSE-1B (Unit-2) DISCIPLINE SPECIFIC ELECTIVE-1 Practical ,Hindustani Music (Vocal/Inst) 3

Elective Generic Courses Offered by Music Department

Year Course Code Course Name Credit
3rd MUSA307TH GE-1, GENERIC ELECTIVE-1, Theory of Indian Music(Vocal/Inst) 6
3rd MUSA308PR GE-1, GENERIC ELECTIVE-1, Practical, Hindustani Music (Vocal/Inst) 6

Program’s mission and objectives

Music is one of the popular courses offered by the college. It opens up countless careers opportunities and avenues for the students. Besides it prepares them to start their own vocations and inculcate a deep sense of understanding for the music among themselves.

Objectives :

Academic excellence : Our core objective is to equip the students with the basic knowledge of the vocal and instrumental music.
Professional development : College motivates the student to achieve professional excellence. They are encouraged to participate in live stage performances.
Holistic Development : The students are motivated to participate in various cultural and co-cultural activities. A lot of programs and co-curricular activities are held in the college, viz. NCC, NSS, Rovers and Rangers and Sports etc. Various types of local, national and international events are held in college, where they engage themselves.
Socially responsible Citizen : College inculcates the social values, ethics and sense of responsibility among students. Efforts are made to inculcate civic sense among them.
Value based Education : Efforts are made to inculcate social values through education, so that students turn to be responsible citizens.

Program Outcomes :

After completion of the course, the students are able to apply the skill/knowledge gained in classroom into stage performances and live shows. They can differentiate various types of ragas, their timing and types of instruments used during its recitation.

Course Objectives :

  • To develop musical literacy and musical sense through musical activities.
  • To develop basic skills in instrument playing and vocal music.
  • To develop creativity by adding in music composing in subject specific learning.
  • To develop mental power, inner hearing, musical memory and recognition.
  • To stimulate students' interest in learning more musical knowledge.
  • To expose students to music of different time and culture.
  • Critical analysis of different gharanas

Course Outcome :

Students can evaluate various types of musical notations and, have clarity of taal, swara, lay and face expression. They will be able to identify and distinguish the instruments of an orchestra as well we as the special musical elements that characterize the music. They can earn money through music composition and stage performance. They can turn professional by participation in local fairs and festivals. The students are able to earn their livelihood by themselves by imparting home coaching, joining music academy, and events. They will be in a position to go through higher education with the level of knowledge so gained in graduation level.

Subject Specific Outcomes :

(a) Knowledge of Ragas. The students will be able to evaluate and analyze various types of ragas.
(b) Knowledge of musical instruments. The students will be well versed with a range of musical instruments.
(c) Knowledge of Indian Traditional and Hindustani Music. The students will be able to differentiate and evaluate various types of Indian traditional music, Hindustani music, folk music, film music etc.

Student Progression :

The alumni of the college are perusing higher education in different institutions; some are undertaking their own vocations. While remaining others, are engaged in professional musical activities, like stage shows and performances.

Activities :

A webinar on “contemporary issues of Indian Film Industry” was held on 19th of December 2020.
Festival of Vasant Panchami was organized and celebrated on 16th of February 2021.
A class level competition of recitation of Ragas was held on 17th of February 2021.

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Assistant Professor

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Assistant Professor

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Tabla Instuctor

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Music activity youth festival 2019-20

HPU Youth Festival Group-III

HPU Youth Festival Group-II


HPU Youth festival 2022-23

3rd position in folk song in Youth Festival Group -II

1st position in folk Dance in Youth Festival Group -III

2nd position in classical vocal solo Youth festival group-II



HPU Youth festival 2021-22


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Annual Practical of Music Instrumental

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