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Department of Computer Science

Name of the department : Computer Science and Applications
Year of establishment : 2013
Name of the Program/Courses : UG
No. of the Teaching posts sanctioned : 1
No. of the Teaching posts filled : 1

Course Structure :

Year Course Type Course Code Credits
1st year Problem Solving Using Computers Core COMP101TH 4
Problem Solving Using Computers Lab Core COMP101PR 2
Office Automation Core COMP102TH 4
Office Automation Lab Core COMP102PR 2
2nd year Computer System Architecture Core COMP201TH 6
Database Management System Core COMP202TH 4
Database Management System Lab Core COMP202PR 2
PHP Programming SEC COMP203TH 4
Computer Networks SEC COMP204TH 4
3rd years Operating System DSE-1A COMP301TH 6
Data Structure and File Processing DSE-2A COMP302TH 4
Data Structure and File Processing Lab DSE-2A COMP302PR 2
Project Works DSE-3A COMP303TH 6
Web Technologies DSE-1B COMP304TH 6
Computer Graphics DSE-2B COMP305TH 6
Programming in Java DSE-3B COMP306TH 4
Programming in Java Lab DSE-3B COMP306PR 2
Multimedia and Applications SEC COMP307TH 4
OSoftware Engineering SEC COMP308TH 4

Program Objectives :

This course is designed to provide students with exposure to programming language like Python and PHP. These languages are currently widely used in Software as well as Web development. This course also provides exposure to internals of CPU architecture, concepts of Operating system design and professional software engineering aspects.
The course also focuses on Office Automation Tools like MS Office and Libre Office, which are essential for any Job profile. DBMS tools like MySQL are essential for every student.
Courses like multimedia Applications and Computer graphics is designed to provide content creation and artistic side of computer science. The students will be able to explore tools like Gnu Image Manipulation Program, Blender and Audacity.
The objective of such curriculum is to provide enough exposure of industrial standard application and web development with professional management of software projects. Since this programme focuses on skills, it is excellent for any student that wants to enter software industry.

Program Outcomes :

After completing this course students will be able to:

  • Confidently build application on desktop using technologies like Python.
  • Create Web server application using HTML5 and PHP.
  • Understand Internals of CPU and how it works.
  • Understand the core functionalities of Operating systems and computer networks.
  • Understand Technologies such as SQL through open source tools like MySQL or SQLite.
  • Understand basics of Computer Network administration and cyber security.
  • Become proficient in Office Tools and multimedia technologies.

Course Outcome :

Course Objectives
Problem Solving Using Computers This Course is introduces students to the Python programming language. Python is a very popular language and suitable for beginners. It is widely used in industry for rapid pro typing and scripting. Many Web applications heavily utilize its ecosystem and hence provide excellent value to students.
Office Automation This course exposes student to office automation tools. The course is highly flexible and allows the use of open source office tools like Libre Office. Office Tools are widely used in every department and hence this course is very important for students.
Computer System Architecture This course outlines the theoretical aspect of computing. Student will be able to understand the internals of cpu and its working. The course also explores various cpu architecture which is essential for understanding industrial standards.
Database Management System Database management system provides comprehensive coverage to basic relational database system. Students will be able to understand entity relation model and basic of SQL programming language.
PHP Programming PHP programming is a great Skill enhancement course. Basic Web development using PHP programming focuses programming methods for creating server side WebPages. This course is essential for understanding industrial standards and frameworks that uses PHP as language.
Computer Networks This skill enhancement course explores the basics of computer network and its underlying technologies. The students will be able to explore OSI and TCP/IP Model and its various protocols. Also this course focuses on technological aspects of Computer and its security.
Operating System One the most important aspect of any computer language is to explore the internals of Operating system. This course systematically introduces concepts of Operating System and theory of Computation. The course focuses how Core component of OS like memory management work and how Operating system manages system resources.
Data Structure and File Processing Data structure focuses on algorithms and its measurement. The course explores different data structures and their efficiencies. The course also explores different algorithms for search, memory management. Students will be able to understand linked lists, Stack, Queues, Trees, Graphs and their applications.
Computer Graphics This course outlines the basics of Computer Graphics and its underlying algorithms. Students will be able to understand basic computer drawing algorithms and how computer uses matrix to create 2D and 3D graphics.
Project Work Project work allows student to create working software using Python, HTML or PHP. The Course allows students to understand various aspect of software development in a practical way.
Multimedia and Applications Multimedia application focuses on technologies that power the entertainment industry. Students will be able to understand technologies for graphical content, sound and videos. This course explores the career aspects of computer science in entertainment industry.
Software Engineering This course is designed to make students aware of management of professional software. The process of software creation involves many stakeholders including the client and the company itself. This course outlines the ways to efficiently create and manage software’s as a team. How to effectively deliver the project in time and perform each task in a time efficient manner.

Course Specific Outcomes :

Industry specific Courses like Python Programming, PHP programming and DBMS allows students to become proficient in Application development. This allows students to start their own software startups. Such courses are designed to provide skills to the students so that they can become self dependent.

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