राजकीय महाविद्यालय कुल्लू (हि. प्र.)

Government College Kullu (H.P.)

Co-Educational Institution, Affiliated to Sardar Patel University Mandi, Accreditted by NAAC Ministry of Education Govt. of India Grade B++


College Students Central Asociation (CSCA)

In order to inculcate leadership qualities among the students and to provide platform to address the student’s problems, the CSCA is constituted in the college in accordance with the university notification. At present, the CSCA is a nominated body of the student comprising of President, Vice–President, Gen. Secretary, Joint Secretary as well as Class and other nominated representatives.


  • True education aims at holistic and integrated development of an individual’s personality including intellectual, physical, emotional, moral and ethical aspects in search of truth.
  • It should transform him / her into an ideal citizen and a national asset. It should enable him / her to contribute significantly to the process of nation building and to the development of a harmonious society.
  • In view of the overarching importance of education, everyone must have a right for uninterrupted education in an academic institution.
  • Since students are the central focus of any educational system / institution, their participation in its activities is undoubtedly essential within the overall perspective as stated above.


  • To ensure the maintenance of proper academic atmosphere and orderliness amongst the students.
  • To promote corporate social and cultural life of students and to train them in their duties, responsibilities and rights of citizenship.
  • To promote opportunities for the development of character, leadership, discipline and spirit of service among students.
  • To coordinate and integrate the activities of various committees / societies / clubs in the college.
  • To help in the organization of academic / cultural and sports activities in the college.
  • To help in improving the living conditions in hostels and implementation of hostel discipline and rules framed from time to time to create conducive academic atmosphere free of violence and fear psychosis.

Office Bearers

Year President Vice-President Gen. Secretary Jt. Secretary
2023-2024 Meena Sneha Aditi Mandeep Kaur
2022-2023 Diya Kritika Bhawana Chhabra Laila
2019-2020 Kalpna Mehta Shivangi Thakur Janvi Sharma Sanya Thakur
2018-2019 Manoj Kumar Raveena Kumari Poonam Devi Sapna Devi
2017-2018 Purnima Harpreet Kaur Shahid Nazir Ruchi
2016-2017 Ishita Thakur Ashmita Mamta Thakur Aditi Thakur
2015-2016 Deepa Thakur Shakshi Purnima Alisha
2014-2015 Devaki Anjali Ajay Gill Poonam Thakur
2013-2014 Raj Soni Pinki Sood Roshan Lal Raj Kiran
2012-2013 Arjun Singh Krishna Raj Kumar Rajesh Kumar
2011-2012 Prem Singh Khem Lata Guddu Ram Ajay
2010-2011 Lakshaman Singh Sunita thakur Pooja Devi Sumit

Srijan Activities

Sr. No. File Name Download Link
1 6 & 7-03-2024 Annual CSCA Srijan Function  Download
2 02-03-2023 Annual CSCA Srijan Function  Download
3 05-03-2022 to 06-03-2022 Annual CSCA Srijan Function  Download
4 12-03-2020 to 13-03-2020 Annual CSCA Srijan Function  Download
5 01-03-2019 Annual CSCA Srijan Function  Download

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