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Department of B.Voc.(Retail Management)

The University Grants Commission (UGC) had launched a scheme in February, 2014 (revised in 2015) for skill development based higher education as part of college or university education, leading to Bachelors in Vocational Education (B.Voc) degree (3 year program or 6 semesters) with multiple entry and exit points. After opting for National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF) aligned skill development, students may exit after six months with a certificate (NSQF 4) or may continue for one year diploma (NSQF 5) or two years advanced diploma (NSQF 6) or three years B.Voc degree (NSQF 7). The B.Voc program is focused on universities and colleges providing undergraduate studies which would also incorporate specific job roles and their National Occupational Standards (NOSs) along with broad based general education. This would enable the graduates completing B.Voc to contribute significantly to India’s accelerating economy by gaining employment, entrepreneurship opportunity and creating relevant knowledge.

B. Voc. in Himachal Pradesh

Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc) is a three year under graduate vocational or skill based course, under UGC guidelines. B.Voc was launched in 12 Govt. Degree College across 10 districts of Himachal Pradesh, under Department of Higher Education and supported by HPKVN. It is recognized by Himachal Pradesh University Shimla. Currently B.Voc has two specializations Retail Management and Hospitality & Tourism.

  • Objectives of the B Voc Program :
  • To provide judicious mix of skills relating to a profession and appropriate content of General Education.
  • To ensure that the students have adequate knowledge and skills, so that they are work ready at each exit point of the program
  • To provide flexibility to the students by means of pre-defined entry and multiple exit points.
  • To integrate NSQF with the undergraduate level of higher education in order to enhance employability of the graduates and meet industry requirements. Such graduates apart from meeting the needs of local and national industry are also expected to be equipped to become part of the global workforce.
  • To provide vertical mobility to students coming out of 10+2 with vocational subjects
  • Entrepreneurship development

Youths will be trained in 2 sectors – Retail and Hospitality across 12 Govt. arts and science colleges (Annexure -1) in the State from Academic Year 2017-18.The B.Voc Courses will be run as per the following Job Roles and NSQF Levels on a year on year basis.

NSQF level L4 (Certificate) L-5 (Diploma) L-6 (Advanced diploma) L-7 (B.Voc Degree)
Job Role 1 Retail Sale Associate Team Leader (Retail) Department Manager (Retail) Store Manager (Retail)
Job Role 2 Fount office Associate Front Office Executive (Hospitality) Guest Relations Manager (Hospitality) Duty Manager (Hospitality)

B.Voc Program split into general and skill component along with their respective credits is shown below :

Duration of Study General Education Credits Skill Component Credits Total Credit at each NSQF level NSQF Level Exit points (Recognition)
6 months (One semester) 12 18 30 Level-4 Certificate (For Category 2&3 entries)
1 year (Two semesters) 24 36 60 Level-5 Diploma
2 years (Four semesters) 48 72 120 Level-6 Advance Diploma
3 years (Six semesters) 72 108 180 Level-7 B.Voc. Degree

1. On Job Training OJT

Placements :

  • Create placement plan for all trainees within 60 days from the start if programme.
  • TSPs are encouraged to facilitate placement to the successful candidates through their own contacts with employers. Provision of employment opportunities would be viewed as strength of such TSPs.
  • If any trainee has more than one job offer, it will be left to the trainee to choose his/her employer.
  • DOHE to create a Vibrant Placement cell in each college with the help from faculty , students and TSP .Also coordinate with HPKVN for Industry connect
  • TSPs will nominate one person from their team as „Internship & Placement Facilitator‟, other than trainers, to coordinate with employers, B.Voc cell, SSCs, industry associations for placements. This person will also coordinate with “vibrant placement system” that would be set up in each target college but managed by students.

Name of the department : B. Voc. (Retail Management)
Year of establishment : 2017
Program Offered : UG
No. of Teaching posts sanctioned : 3
No. of Teaching posts filled : 3

Program Duration :

The duration of the B. Voc. program shall be for a period of three years consisting of six semesters. The curriculum in each semester has been classified into General Education Component and Skill Component. The General Education component shall include Theory subjects and the Skill Component shall include a mix of Theory, Practical and Internship. The duration of the program is enlisted below against each of the four Retail Job roles in alignment to the NSQF

Duration of Study General Education Credits Skill Component Credits Total Credit at each NSQF level NSQF Level Exit points (Recognition)
6 months (One semester) 12 18 30 Level-4 Certificate (For Category 2&3 entries)
1 year (Two semesters) 24 36 60 Level-5 Diploma
2 years (Four semesters) 48 72 120 Level-6 Advance Diploma
3 years (Six semesters) 72 108 180 Level-7 B.Voc. Degree

The below norms are used for computation of credits under Skills Component

  • 50% weight age has been assigned to Theory
  • 10% weight age has been assigned to Practical
  • 40% weight age has been assigned to Internship

Course structure: B.Voc Retail Management (UG Semester System Program w.e.f. 2017)

Year Course Type Course Code Course Title Credit
1st semester General Paper-01 RA111 Business Communication and 6
RA114 Personality Development-I
General Paper-12 RA112 Fundamentals in Accounting and 6
RA113 Technology (Computer Skills)-I.
General Component Semester Total 12
Skill Paper-01 RA121 Introduction to Retail and Retail Store Operations. 3
RA124 Health, Safety & Security
RAS/N0120 Store Safety & Security Health & Safety(RAS/N0122)
RA125 Team and Organizational 15 Dynamic
Skill Paper-02 RA122 Consumer Buying Behavior and Retail Sales. 4
Practical Retail Lab Understanding Consumer Buying Behavior and Retail Sales
Skill Paper-03 RA123 Customer Service and Customer Relationship Management. 4
Practical Retail Lab (Customer Service and Customer Relationship Management)
Project Internship Project Internship 7
Skill Component Semester Total 18
2nd semester General Paper-01 RA211 Business Communication and 6
RA214 Personality Development-II
General Paper-02 RA212 Fundamentals in Accounting and 6
RA213 Technology (Computer Skills)-II
General Component Semester Total 12
Skill Paper-01 RA221 Store Display and Visual Merchandising. 4
Practical Retail (Store Display and Visual Merchandising)
Skill Paper-02 RA222 Sales Management. 5
RA224 Customer Experience Management
Skill Paper-03 RA223 Organization and Team Dynamics. 2
Internship Project Internship Project 7
Skill Component Semester Total 18
3rd semester General Paper-01 RA311 Communicative English 6
General Paper-02 RA312 Store Operations & Supply Chain Management 6
General Component Semester Total 12
Skill Paper-01 RA321 Skill Component 7
Skill Paper-02 RA322 Customer Experience Management. 5
Skill Paper-03 RA421 Skill Component 6
Skill Component Semester Total 18
4th semester General Paper-01 RA411 Environment Science 6
General Paper-01 RA412 Human Resource Management 6
General Component Semester Total 12
Skill Paper-01 RA422 Skill Component 4
Skill Paper-02 RA423 Internship Project 14
Skill Component Semester Total 18
5th semester General Paper-01 RA511 Marketing Management 6
General Paper-02 RA512 Business Statistics 6
General Component Semester Total 12
Skill Paper-01 RA521 Retail Store Operations and Sales 6
Skill Paper-02 RA522 Process compliance, safety and security 4
Practical Retail Lab Retail store operations and sales Skill Component Semester Total 10
6th semester General Paper-01 RA611 Ethics and corporate Social Responsibility 6
General Paper-02 RA612 Retail Environment 6
General Component Semester Total 12
K Skill Paper-01 RA621 Skill Component 7
Skill Paper-02 RA622 Internship Project 19
Skill Component Semester Total 26
General Component Total 72
Skill Component Total 108

Program Objective :

  • To make students capable of the applicable National Occupational Standards (NOS) in the Retail Management industry in the national and global context .
  • Students will be able to apply Business, Managements techniques, Strategies Skills frameworks and tools to arrive at informed decisions in profession.
  • Graduates will have a solid foundation to pursue professional careers and take up higher learning courses such as M. Voc LLB, MBA,CA,CS Ph.D as well as research.
  • Graduates with a flair of self-employment will be able to initiate and build upon entrepreneurial ventures or demonstrate entrepreneurship for their employer organizations.
  • Graduate will recognize the need for adapting to change and have the aptitude and ability to engage in independent and life – long learning in the broadest context of socio-economic, technological and global change.
  • Real Industries experience during On Job Training (OJT).
  • To make student self dependent & job creator.
  • Student will be able self Management as well as Organization Management.
  • To promote entrepreneurship.
  • To provide skillful professional for Industries.

Graduate Attributes:

  • Sound Knowledge of the discipline
  • Independent and Critical thinking
  • Effective and confident communicators
  • Investigative, Resourceful, and Responsible
  • Ethically and Socially aware
  • Entrepreneurship & Entrepreneurship
  • Life Skills

Subject Specific Outcomes:

  • To know about Retail Management.
  • To learn Retail Related Skills.
  • Student learn Retail Sale Associate, Team Leader, Departmental Manager, Store Manager skills etc.

Program Specific Outcome:

  • Develop the knowledge, skill and attitude to creatively and systematically apply in the Retail Management field.
  • Develop fundamental in-depth knowledge and understanding of the techniques, principles, concepts, values, substantive rules and development of the core areas of Retail Management.
  • Exhibit self-confidence and awareness of general issues prevailing in the technological field and in the society and communicate effectively with the other departments, professional fraternity and with society at large through digital and non-digital mediums and using a variety of modes such as effective reports & documentation, effective presentations, and give and receive clear instructions.
  • Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in teams, and in multidisciplinary settings by demonstrating life skills, coping skills and human values.
  • Employability development
  • Skill Development
  • Students are employed in various Retail industries like as Big Bazaar, Walmart Relience, Tata, etc.

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